Artist based in Dresden, Germany

Songfui is Painter Artist from Japan. Her Painting is inspired by nature and human. Her Art shows universal of human.
She was born and raised in Japan as Korean ethnic and she glow up opposite Identity between Capitalism and Socialism. Where she glows up was Capitalism country Japan and what she learns was Socialistic school education since 2 years old to 21 years old. Those two opposite Identity gave her many question and unique perspective.
Currently, she lives and works in Dresden, Germany. She gets inspiration from Dresden people who has strong racism identity. Her Art project is now focusing on racism. One of the her opinion and meaning is humans are connected with invisible circumstance. In your ordinary life that is difficult to see and find them. But when you have little bit more imagination and opened mind, you can find our human circles in daily life. Her Art brings notice for the people who can reach invisible matter of our human circle.Her Art argument is not for fighting or critic on Racism. She knows that human has all time opposite identity. We can not compel a person to change Identity even racism. Opposite of Identity is universal of human, and we can not judge who is wrong.